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Bioactive Molecule

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Shantani's Chemical Proteomics Expertise
Fewer & Rightful Targets, Mechanism of Action

(allowing Rational Lead Design & Optimization)
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Target ID using: SCLS | UPT | TBB | COMP technologies, with False Positive Rates as low as 20%.

We Enable Faster, Cost-Effective Drug Discovery & Development

Shantani's portfolio of services based on chemical-proteomics technologies helps you identify & validate drug targets; thus de-risking molecules and supporting crucial GO / NO-GO decisions throughout the drug discovery process.

Our offerings include 2 proprietary work-flows (SCLS & UPT) which provide comprehensive information about both the target and the action mechanism of bioactive molecules, via a unique combination of chemical biology, biophysics and cell & molecular biology methods.

By identifying fewer - yet rightful - targets and avoiding the validation of false positives, we help you save time and money during the drug discovery process.

We have successfully identified several cytoplasmic, membrane (ie. GPCRs) and nuclear targets for our global clients.

News, Updates

  • Business Development Partnership

    Shantani collaborates with Dualsystems Biotech AG. Read more.

  • Diabetes Drug Discovery

    Shantani's first-in-class program for type-2-diabetes treatment crosses "Lead-Declaration" Milestone.

  • DBT-SBIRI Grant

    Shantani receives Small Business Innovation Research Initiative from BIRAC to support the development of our drug discovery program.

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