Shantani Offers

Target ID

Small Molecule Target Identification, MoA Elucidation and Target Validation

Shantani’s portfolio of services, based on advanced chemical proteomics technologies, helps in identifying and validating drug targets of small molecules. It allows early de-risking of drug-discovery programs and supports crucial Go/No-Go decisions throughout the drug discovery process. Based on the discovery program’s need, we offer several Target ID technologies:

Biopharmaceutical Characterization & Proteomics Services

We provide rapid and path forwarding solutions to complex bioanalytical and biopharma product development problems. Shantani’s professional team of experts has more than a decade of experience in high-resolution mass spectrometry, optical spectroscopy, cell biology, biopharmaceutical production and QC/Regulatory processes. Our consultative approach, availability of high-end instrumentation and utilization of cutting-edge technologies help us provide high-quality data at rapid turnaround time.