Scientific Publications and Articles

Cutting Edge, Spinco Biotech 
(March, 2019) P: 36:40.
Siddiqui S., Saxena C.

Biopharmaceutical characterization studies for Teriparatide Biosimilar, an anabolic agent used for the treatment for Osteoporosis.
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Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery (2016)11:1017.1025.
Saxena C.

Identification of protein binding partners of small molecules using label-free methods. 
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Nature-Scientific Report
Hati S. et al.

Spiro[pyrrolidine-3, 3′-oxindole] as potent anti-breast cancer compounds: Their design, synthesis, biological evaluation and cellular target identification. 
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Org Biomol Chem
Bathula C. et al.

Synthesis of novel 5-arylidenethiazolidinones with apoptotic properties via a three component reaction using piperidine as a bifunctional reagent. 
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Methods Mol Biol
(2012) 803:39-54
Saxena C. et al.

Affinity-Based chemoproteomics with small Molecule-Peptide conjugates. 
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J. Proteome Res. 
(2009) 8:3951-3957.
Saxena C. et al.

Capture of drug targets from live cells using a multipurpose Immuno-Chemo-Proteomics tool. 
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Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery 
(2009) 4:701- 714.
Saxena et all.

Small-molecule affinity chromatography coupled mass spectrometry for drug target deconvolution. 
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J. Proteome Res. 
(2008) 7:3490-3497.
Saxena et al

An Immuno-Chemo-Proteomics method for drug target deconvolution. 
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