Proteomics and Protein Analysis

As protein analysis experts, we utilize power of Mass-Spectrometry and Spectroscopy in delivering several protein-linked solutions to life-science researchers globally. We work closely with our clients and assist them in analyzing the problems, designing the experiments and then carrying out the experiment according to mutually agreed analysis.

Protein Identification Services

Proteins ‘in-gel’ or ‘in-solution’ are digested using a protease. Obtained peptides are separated using RPLC and infused into ESI-Q-TOF set up for MS and MS/MS analysis. Obtained masses are compared with the theoretical digest of the proteins using bioinformatics tools.

Label-Free and Labelled Quantitative Protein Mass-Spectrometry

Up-regulation or down-regulation of proteins in varieties of experimental conditions can be analyzed using quantitative label-free and labelled mass-spectrometry. These are highly customized services, where in some cases, researchers are first educated about advantages and disadvantages of mass-spectrometry based approaches. Based on the need experiments are designed and data is analyzed towards path-forward scenario.