Bioanalytical Services

Shantani provides a complete range of protein and peptide analysis services, catering the product development and characterization needs of various industries in life-science sector across the globe. Our networked operational model, access to high-end instruments and cutting-edge technologies help us provide high-quality data and analysis at rapid turnaround time.

We offer our services under following categories

How do we work with you

Shantani provides highly customized services according to each client’s unique scientific and business need. We provide a single point of contact, who communicates with the client on a timely basis and makes sure that all the requirements are met throughout the life of the project.

Steps Activities
1 Interaction with Partner (Client / Collaborator)
2 Project Consultation (Problem Definition)
3 Shantani proposes solution / experiment work-plan (Technical Plan)
4 Client agree / modify and finalize the technical plan
5 Shantani provides cost and time-line estimation (Final Plan)
6Mutual agreement on final plan
7Shantani carry out studies and submit results as report (Deliverables)
8Shantani Receives Payment as per the Final Plan, Project considered closed
9Data storage and ‘on-demand’ access to data is provided at no cost for 12 months