Biopharmaceutical Characterization & Proteomics Services

Biopharmaceuticals are complex protein structures. Owing to their large structure and their production & purification from biological systems, they are prone to deviate from the desired product profile. These products require extensive characterization before they become approved therapeutics. For approval of biosimilars products, a comparability study that demonstrate similarity of its structure, function and physicochemical properties with the original biologics is required.
For development of novel biologics and biosimilars, Shantani provides a complete range of biopharmaceutical characterization services. Our networked operational model, access to high-end instruments and cutting-edge technologies help us provide high-quality data and analysis at rapid turnaround time. These services are categorized as:

Biopharma Product Characterization

Biopharma Process Characterization

Protein Chemistry & Proteomics

Shantani offers customized and Rapid bio analytical solution.

Shantani provides highly customized workflow according to each client’s unique scientific and business need. A single point of contact is assigned for each study, who communicates with client on timely basis and make sure that all the requirements are met throughout the life of the project. Our highly qualified scientific team utilizes diverse scientific approaches to provide the best quality data in rapid turnaround time.