Company Overview

Shantani envisions becoming the most admired life-sciences technology company which would enable discovery of new medicines through innovative and integrated applications of modern multi-disciplinary sciences and technologies.

Our mission is to utilize modern protein chemistry and proteomics methods to identify and validate clinically relevant novel drug targets for prevailing diseases, and to discover and support the discovery of new drugs for unmet medical needs.

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    • July 2017

Shantani purchased equity in Troph Bio Pvt. Ltd. using its knowledge capital.

    • Jan 2017

Shantani signs an agreement with Dr. Ramprasad Srinivasan to spin-off some of Shantani’s research work as a separate company.

    • Feb 2016

Shantani collaborates with Dualsystems Biotech AG to partner business development activities for the two companies.

    • Jan 2015

Shantani’s first-in-class program for type-2-diabetes treatment crosses “Lead-Declaration” Milestone.

    • Dec 2014

Shantani receives Small Business Innovation Research Initiative from BIRAC to support the development of drug discovery program.

    • Aug 2014

Shantani receives SPARSH grant from BIRAC for its disease linked biomarker program.

    • Jan 2014

Shantani raises bridge round of investment to support its drug discovery program.

    • Oct 2013

Shantani’s Target ID Technology Poster Wins 2nd Prize in IKMC Global Innovation Exchange Award.

    • Aug 2013

Shantani is featured in CNBC-18 Young Turks TV Show.

    • Jan 2013

Founder and CEO of Shantani – Dr. Chaitanya Saxena – is featured in the CSO series of Biospectrum, India’ leading life-sciences magazine.

    • Dec 2012

Shantani receives a second Small Business Innovation Research Initiative (SBIRI) grant from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) to advance its proprietary small molecule target identification technology.

    • Jul 2012

India Innovation Fund (IIF) along with Blume Ventures and an angel as co-investors makes an equity investment into Shantani.

    • Mar 2012

Shantani’s Drug Target Identification Technology is one among the top 30 winners selected at the ‘Innovator’s Competition’ for DST – Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2012.

    • Dec 2011

Shantani is awarded the Small Business Innovation Research Initiatives (SBIRI) Phase-1 grant to evolve and apply its proprietary small-molecule target identification technology to identify novel target(s) of a small-molecule GLP-1 analogue to treat type-2-diabetes. Type-2-diabetes has become an epidemic in Asia. Currently available small-molecule insulanotropic therapies have found limited use because of associated hypoglycemic side-effects. Rapidly rising disease burden can be intervened by the insulanotropic compounds which can induce insulin secretion, from pancreas, only at elevated plasma glucose concentration in similar manner as GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide-1) act. Shantani signs an agreement with India’s Department of Biotechnology to access funds under (SBIRI) which will be directly utilized in identifying and validating novel targets of a small-molecule GLP-1 analogue at cellular level. After establishing the target identity, Shantani plans to validate the target(s) in appropriate animal models and screen NCEs/Biologics for improved therapeutic outcomes.

    • Sep 2011

The Department of Science & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India accords recognition to Shantani’s in-house R&D unit. This recognition not only assists in gaining exemption from custom and central excise duties but also validates Shantani’s focus on cutting-edge scientific research & technology development.

    • Mar 2011

Shantani signs agreement with Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) / Venture Center (VC) for seed funding to advance its chemical proteomics technology for small-molecule target identification. EDC is a fund channel partner of Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

    • May 2010

Shantani signs up for incubation support at Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), NCL Innovation Park.