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Why Choose Shantani for Target ID Services?

Shantani has a deep understanding of chemical proteomics and its many applications in the various fields of life-sciences research. We stand out as a preferred company for target id based on the following techno-commercial factors:

Why Use Chemical Proteomics for Target ID?

Two key components play a critical role in chemical proteomics based target capture experiments.

  1. Complexity of the proteome: The cellular proteome represents an unfathomable, dynamic range of thousands of proteins. To identify these proteins it is now well established that well fractionated samples are the best starting point.
  2. Functionally relevant ligand concentration: Based on the simplest understanding of the ligand-protein interaction [L] + [P] <> [LP], it is evident that ligand concentration - the only controllable factor - is a key determinant in forming a ligand-protein complex. Higher the concentration of ligand even the low affinity interaction proteins will form a complex and get identified in mass-spectrometry runs, thus increasing the number of target proteins identified through typical chemical-proteomics experiments.

Criteria Chemical Proteomics Biochemical fractionation methods Expression Cloning Methods
(Phage Display and Yeast 3 Hybrid Systems)
Protein Microarray
Use of native cell environment Yes Partially No No
Use of hazardous / environmentally non-friendly components No Yes No No
Proteome-wide search of drug target Yes Yes Yes Limited to the number of functional proteins on the array
Isolation of target(s) and associated protein-complexes Yes Partially No No
Quantification of small-molecule target interaction Yes No No No