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What Do We Offer?

Shantani offers a comprehensive set of Bioanalytical Services.

Characterization of Biologics

Biologics are importance class of therapeutics. Owing to their large structure and their production and purification from biological systems they are prone to deviate from the structures that is defined as drug. These deviated structures may not only be less effective but could potentially be adversely immunogenic and hence the characterization of the biologics need special emphasis. We provide following comprehensive biologics characterization service on project and/or on 'a-la-carte' basis.

Proteomics Services Additional Basic Protein Related Services HPLC based Analysis

In last three decades High-Performance Liquid Chromatography that offers selectivity through separation and sensitivity through UV-Visible/Fluorescence detection has become synonyms of chemical and biochemical analysis. We utilize HPLC for varied analysis needs of our clients in multiple industries including Food, Nutraceutical and Agro sciences.